Image of a sample drivers license.
Karalyn Peterson | Resource Coordinator 

Since January 1, 2019, individuals have been able to have it in their Wisconsin driver’s license, identification (ID) card and/or vehicle registration record that they have an invisible disability, meaning that your disability may not be immediately apparent to another person.

Individuals can simply fill out a form, linked below, and their digital record will indicate that they do have a disability that may not be immediately apparent to others.

If there comes a time that an individual no longer wants/needs to make this known to others, another Invisible Disability Disclosure form can be filled out indicating that one wishes to have that classification removed from their record.

The completed form can either be sent to the Wisconsin DMV at the address in the upper right hand corner of the form or brought to the local Wisconsin DMV service center.

If you’d like to request assistance with completing this form, reach out to us at 715-344-4210.