Wisconsin Independent Living Network: The State Plan

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Wisconsin Independent Living Network: The State Plan

Tyler Wilcox | ILCW Program Coordinator

ILCW is Wisconsin’s State Council on Independent Living. ILCW members are from everywhere in Wisconsin. Most members have disabilities, and are caregivers, family members, and/or advocates for persons with disabilities.

ILCW’s main job is making a State Plan for Independent Living.  The State Plan is like a road map for Independent Living. The plan sets goals for the ILCs and their partners. It directs state and federal funding. Most importantly, the State Plan explains what persons with disabilities in Wisconsin need so they can live independently. The SPIL is a very important document, and it takes a lot of work to get it right.

When ILCW is not working on writing the plan, it is busy making sure everything in the plan is going well. If something isn’t working, ILCW can change the Plan’s goals or offer advice. When everything is going well with the State Plan, ILCW is always busy meeting people and talking to community and state leaders about Independent Living. ILCW isn’t “in charge.”  It is there to make sure the lives of disabled Wisconsinites are getting little better every day.

Right now, ILCW and its partners are working on amending the current plan.  To get a head start, the next plan, which will go into effect on October 1st, 2024, is being developed. The State Plan isn’t only for ILCs or for ILCW, it is for everyone. To get it right, ILCW needs to hear from everyone in Wisconsin, especially persons with disabilities, caretakers, family members, and advocates.

All ILCW meetings are open to the public, and anyone who is interested is more than welcome to attend. Every meeting has time set aside for comments about the State Plan or Independent Living in Wisconsin. Joining meetings is also a great way to learn more about ILCW and Independent Living.

Everyone is welcome, and encouraged, to fill out the SPIL Priorities Survey.  The survey gives ILCW information about what people across the state need in the next State Plan. Filling out the survey only takes about five minutes. It is available online at https://forms.gle/6MVC7RRHQHYuRYKe6.

The Wisconsin Independent Living Network website is also a good place to find out about Independent Living in Wisconsin. Meeting times and agendas are posted on the site, as well as other events and activities across the state. There is also contact information for all 8 ILCs, the ILC’s coalition, and ILCW. The address for the WILN website is https://il-wis.net.

ILCW can always be contacted directly. The number to text or call ILCW’s Program Coordinator, Tyler Wilcox, is (608) 575-9293. He can also be emailed at ilcwcoordinator@il-wis.net. Tyler can also help anyone join the council if they are interested. Messages for the full council can be sent to Tyler or ilcwinfo@gmail.com.