Woman using wheelchair in snow. She is grinning, and is poised to throw a snowball.

Snow and Ice Safety:

Clearing sidewalks for community accessibility Written by Karalyn Peterson, MILC Resource Coordinator

Keeping sidewalks clear of ice and snow is especially important this time of year. If you are able, take the time to help your community and clear the sidewalks around your house, if you have them. What may only take you a few extra minutes can have a great impact on others! Take your mobility-device-using friends and neighbors, for instance – by keeping the sidewalks clear, you are not only making their commute safer, but you are making their commute possible. When snow and ice build-up on curb cuts that have not been cleared regularly, it makes using them virtually impossible and clearing them much more difficult.

We do live in Wisconsin after all, so there is going to be some ice and snow no matter what. The safest thing to do is stay inside until the storm passes. If you absolutely must go out, please take precautions. One of the simplest things you can do is use Yak Trax, or something similar, on ice. Yak Trax are devices that go on the bottom of any shoe to make it grip better. We have several pairs that you can borrow at MILC, you can see if you like them and then purchase your own. Just give us a call at (715) 344-4210 and we will get you set up with some.