Assistive Technology Demonstration and Loan Program

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Demonstration and Loan Project: MILC staff can assess an individual to determine the role assistive technology could play in achieving his/her independent living goals. In addition to technology for daily living activities, staff can assess an individual’s computer, hardware, assistive devices such as voice input, specialized keyboard and other software as appropriate.

  • Computers and Related Items
  • Daily Living
  • Environmental Controls
  • Hearing
  • Learning, cognition and developmental
  • Mobility, Seating, and Positioning
  • Recreational, Sports & Leisure
  • Speech Communication
  • Vehicle modification and transportation
  •  Vision

MILC is partially supported by WisTech.

Funding for Assistive Technology

MILC can assist People with funding sources to help pay for AT and offers three funding sources though our office. The funding sources are Wisloan, Telework and TEPP.


WisLoan is a statewide, alternative loan program that allows Wisconsin residents or their families with a disability to purchase adaptive equipment, assistive technology or modify their homes so that they can live more independently.


Telework is a statewide, alternative loan program allowing Wisconsin residents with disabilities to purchase computers and other equipment needed to work from remote sites away from the office, including at home, on the road, or at a Telework center.  In addition to the purchase of equipment, the loan funds can be used for training to use equipment, extended warranties, the cost of maintenance and repair.


Telecommunications Equipment Purchase Program (TEPP) helps people with disabilities buy equipment they need in order to use basic telephone services. The TEPP us paid for by the Wisconsin Universal Service Fund (USF).