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People with disabilities make up a significant portion of the population. Companies that champion accessibility see 28% greater annual revenue and a profit margin 30% higher than their peers (according to a 2018 Accenture study).  Learn how to reach this audience and how to make your business and/or programs accessible for clients, customers, consumers, and employees in its physical and virtual spaces.

Accessibility Consults

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Physical Space/Architecture

Is your physical structure and location a barrier to reaching people with disabilities?

Virtual Space, Websites, Social Media

Are your online and social medial platforms accessible for people with disabilities?


If you offer programs like classes, activities, public or private events, are they accessible to and for people with disabilities?


Do you, your team, or your staff know how and feel comfortable interacting with people who have cognitive, intellectual, invisible, or physical disabilities? Whether they are volunteers, staff, or partners?

Reasonable Accommodations

From assistive technology to essential job functions. Do your employees with disabilities have what is required under the ADA to perform the essential functions of their jobs?

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Guest Speakers

Alex Lena

Alex is an Independent Living Consultant and Manager. His expertise is in Advocacy and Assistive Technology, spanning AT education, training, and assessments. His formal education is in occupational therapy, and holds certificates in occupational therapy and home modifications. An educated speaker, Alex addresses topics like ADA compliance, Assistive Technology, and Adapted Recreation.

Eric Riskus

Eric is an Independent Living Consultant, Director, and Advocate.  His expertise spans years of public speaking, teaching, and peer support. Eric is a person with a disability and has several family members with disabilities. An experienced speaker, Eric addresses topics like disability etiquette (school and workplace), assistive technology, leadership, disability rights, and program accessibility. 

Madison Matijevich

Madison is an Independent Living Consultant specializing in Youth Transition, and is a certified peer specialist. Their expertise spans mental health, substance abuse, education, advocacy and event accessibility. They are a person with disabilities and were raised by a mother with disabilities. A dynamic speaker, Madison addresses topics like Disability 101 and LGBTQIA+ & Disability/Mental Health Identity.

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