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Eric Riskus is the Independent Living Program Director at Midstate Independent Living Choices located in Stevens Point, WI. With extensive experience in public speaking spanning over 25 years, Eric has taught at conferences, schools, business retreats, summer camps, and workshops. Previously, he worked as a family-based entertainer, using juggling, magic, and puppetry to convey positive messages, performing for crowds with as many as 10,000 attendees. In his current position, He is Vice Chair At-Large on the Independent Living Council of Wisconsin, a governor-appointed position, and is a voting member of the Wisconsin Coalition of Independent Living Centers. Additionally, Eric co-chairs a subcommittee focused on youth in transition and serves as a disability rights advocate for the state of Wisconsin. Eric’s prior experience includes serving as a Children’s Pastor for 10 years, specializing in children with disabilities, writing curriculum, and creating teaching materials in an accessible format.

Having personally experienced living with a disability for over 35 years, as well as having siblings with varying disabilities, Eric has a unique perspective and understanding. Despite growing up in Northeast Wisconsin with undiagnosed Tourette Syndrome and ASD, Eric only received these diagnoses in his early 30s. Since then, he has dedicated himself to studying Tourette Syndrome and its associated comorbidities. Utilizing his own experiences, Eric offers encouragement to individuals living with diagnosed disabilities and provides support to those who receive a diagnosis later in life. Having faced numerous hardships and social struggles due to being undiagnosed, Eric has demonstrated great resilience and overcome adversity.

Eric Riskus is a suitable choice as a keynote speaker for conferences, and a guest speaker at business meetings, council meetings, and school assemblies. Some of the corporate topics Eric can cover are leadership training, management of staff with disabilities, Disability Rights, and Program Accessibility. For Elementary age children, Eric can speak on basic Assistive Technology for elementary STEM classes/clubs/groups, and Disability Etiquette/Awareness designed for children in elementary schools.

Aside from his professional achievements, Eric enjoys a fulfilling personal life; he is happily married with two beautiful children and a golden retriever/lab mix. Notably, in 2007, Eric participated as a contestant on the popular game show Wheel of Fortune.

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