Personal Assistant Services (PAS)

We provide "in-home" assistance to older adults and individuals with disabilities.

Personal Assistant Services (PAS)

MILC is a personal care agency. We follow policies and procedures in accordance with Wisconsin laws and the Department of Health Services (DHS) regulations.

MILC-PAS supports consumer directed services and encourages consumers to participate in the recruitment of their worker(s). Eligible workers are hired, trained and employed by MILC. MILC can assist with recruitment.

Services may include PERSONAL CARE assistance such as bathing and dressing, SUPPORTIVE HOME CARE such as light housekeeping, chore and/or errand services, and RESPITE, giving parents/guardians a temporary break.

These programs are available to individuals covered by:

  • Medical Assistance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Waiver programs such as WI Children’s Long Term Care (CLTS)
  • Family Care
  • Veterans Administration benefits
  • Private health insurance
  • Worker’s Compensation benefits

Consumer’s not eligible for MA or other funding can private pay for services.

MILC Wisconsin Service Area