Midstate Independent Living Choices

(MILC) is a consumer controlled, non-profit, non-residential organization serving 11 counties in Wisconsin, since 2000.

Assistive technology

Offering information and loans of assistive equipment for all of your disability related needs, including reactional adaptive equipment.

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Personal Assistant Services

Provides in home assistance to older and individuals with disabilities including: Personal Care, Supportive Home Care and Respite.

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IRIS Consultants

Our IRIS Consultants are available to help support and organize resources available to you as an IRIS participant.

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Independent Living Skills Training

Assisting individuals to learn skills to live independently in their community.

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Architectural Accessibility

Providing information on modification alternatives for homes and technical assistance on architectural accessibility for consumers, businesses and public entities.

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Peer Support

Staff and volunteers with disabilities share life experiences with people who have similar disabilities. Includes staffing three drop in centers in Portage and Wood counties.

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Consumer Directed

All services are consumer directed. The individual decides which services they wish to participate in and works with staff to establish goals and determine steps to meet those goals.

Recreational Opportunities

Assisting persons with disabilities to identify recreational opportunities, including loaning adaptive recreational equipment and providing inclusive recreational opportunities for our community.

Community Advocacy and Education

For individual or system, promoting the interests/needs of persons with disabilities, including assisting with access to community services. Increasing knowledge and awareness of disability through presentations and consultations.

MILC is invested in providing opportunities, services and advocacy to

Empower and educate persons with disabilities to make informed choices

Our core services provided are Information and Referral, Advocacy Services, Independent Living Skills Training, Peer Support, and Transition to Community services.

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