Meet our Staff

Alex Lena
Independent Living Department Manager
Anne Vogt
Director of Finance
Barb Haggen
Director of In-Home Services
Barbara Radtke
Brenda Diamond
Representative Payee/Finance Assistant
Brenda Krohn
PAS Administrative Coordinator
Crystal Baird
IRIS Consultant
Diane Reilly
Representative Payee
Don Wigington
Executive Director
Eric Riskus
Independent Living Consultant Program Director
Evelyn Buckles
Human Resources Assistant
Felicya Brock
Certified Peer Specialist
Haley Halverson
IRIS Program Admin Support
Heather Krause
IRIS Consultant
Jennifer Genskow
IRIS Consultant
Jennifer Strike
Information & Referral Specialist
Jill Walter
IRIS Program Director
Karalyn Peterson
Resource Coordinator
Kent Henderson
Independent Living Consultant
Kinzie Olson
Marketing & Communications Coordinator
LeeAnn Kopecko
Independent Living Consultant
Madison Matijevich
Independent Living Consultant
Marisela Ceja
Consumer Services Case Manager
Melissa Judnic
Accounting Assistant
Melissa Skeen
IRIS Consultant
Michelle Schuh
Payroll Billing Clerk
Michelle Sparks
IRIS Consultant
Morgan Potter
Peer Support / Mental Health Manager
Oni Hendricks
IRIS Consultant
Patti Soik
Office Assistant
Sammie Sackmann
Certified Peer Specialist
Sandra Walkush
Independent Living Consultant
Sara Woodward
Shawn Serafin
Human Resources Director
Taylor Jurgens
Recovery Center Specialist
Taylor Redd
RN Case Manager
Teray Collins
IRIS Quality Assurance Lead Trainer
Tom Limburg
IRIS Consultant
Tracy Federer
IRIS Consultant